About CareerKarma360

360 = complete; all-around


CareerKarma360™  a leader in Career Coaching, Employer Branding, and Talent Acquisition. Through Consulting, we meet the needs of both the Client (employer) and the Candidate (job seeker). We believe our name says it all;

LOVE your Employer Brand-didn't think so..


We LOVE Employer Branding and CandidateCare360™
Candidate: a person who applies for a job – This is our WHO
Care: feel concern or interest;  – This is our WHY
360: Complete, All Around – This is how we do it – every time!

Dear CEO, Corporate Executive, or Recruiting Authority,


Are you asking yourself,  "Why can't we find experienced candidates?" Or “How the heck do we Hire Millennials?” Or even worse, "why is our turnover so high?"  Let us go undercover; with our 6 point UnderCoverCandidate Assessment and find out. Knowledge is power.