About Tannen



As a Master Career Coach, Tannen works with executives, directors, hiring managers, Talent Acquisition Professionals and other career coaches to create a one-of-a-kind Candidate Experience. She emphasizes, “What goes around, comes around!” 

Why hire a Career Coach? A career coach can accelerate your job search, develop a solid job-search plan, and show you how to invest in yourself.


Treating candidates to exceptional hiring experiences in the short-term builds buzz about your company and creates a positive impression of your brand in the long-term. Conversely, “What comes around, goes around” –  how you represent your company in the hiring process can either broadcast your strengths or kill your company's reputation.   

The fun stuff

She lives near Snowbird and Alta ski resorts in Utah with her husband Tim, daughter Taitlynn, stepdaughter Julia, stepsons Ian and Theo, plus 2 dogs. She loves hiking, skiing, and biking, and tries her best to golf.